Minority Stories

Minority Stories

Kids learn and live through books. I LOVED reading as a child. I always had a book with me or picked 
up one wherever I was. I started this catalog of books in my quest to give my children more books with 
minority characters or by minority authors. I'm sure there are many more books that I am missing but 
here's what I have so far. Note: the order is random.

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​The Logan Family Saga Book Series, by Mildred D. Taylor

Toni Morrison

Nikki and Deja Series, by Karen English

Ninth Ward, by Jewell Parker Rhodes

Keena Ford Series, by Frank Morrison and Melissa Thomson

Latasha Perry

Debbie Allen and Kadir Nelson

Crystal Swain-Bates

Angela Johnson

Sophie Washington Series by Tonya Duncan Ellis

Lola and Leo Series by Anna McQuinn

Jabari Asim

Trish Cooke

Jaden Toussaint Series and other books by Marti Dumas

Clubhouse Mysteries by Sharon M. Draper

Sassy Series by Sharon M. Draper

Sharon M. Draper

Junebug Series by Alice Mead

Pat Zietlow Miller

Ada Twist Series by Andrea Beaty

Miscellaneous Titles

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