My favorite kitchen appliances

My favorite kitchen appliances

Alright, I admit I have a small appliance addiction and I am working on it. NOT!!  I currently have 3 multi-cookers, an Power Air Fryer XL, rice cooker, popcorn machine, Nutri Ninja Personal Blender (BL482), food processor and spiralizer, waffle maker, stand mixer, Omega Juicer (J8004), cappuccino/espresso maker, toaster, microwave, etc. By far, my favorites are the air fryer and multi-cookers although I am waiting to try my new SKG 2LB Multifunctional Bread Maker.

The multi-cookers have been great for meatballs, soups, spaghetti, whole chicken, rice, veggies, and boiled eggs (best ever). I’ve been exploring yogurt and cheesecake recipes and will try that soon. For some reason, I’ve been thinking about making rice pudding in it as well but I’ve never made rice pudding before so we’ll see.

The options are vast when selecting the right multi-cooker. I have the Instant Pot DUO60 6 Qt, Instant Pot Ultra 8 Qt, and Power Pressure Cooker XL 10 Qt. I found the 6 quart too small but the 8 quart is perfect for my family of 7. I use the 10 quart occasionally if I’m cooking for a larger group.

One thing for sure is that you definitely need some accessories to maximize your use. Below are the accessories that I’ve purchased and used.

 Glass Lid for when you don’t need to seal the cooker and want to keep an eye on your food. 

 An extra set of sealing rings. I read a great suggestion to keep one sealing ring for desserts and the other for aromatic dishes.

Stackable insert pans for Pot in Pot (PiP) cooking. This method is great for cooking 2 separate items at the same time and reheating foods you want to remain moist.

Steamer basket which is great for boiling eggs or steaming veggies

Silicone lid

If you don’t already have these appliances, I’d suggest you bite the bullet and purchase them. I’ve frequently seen discounts on Amazon or other online retailers. The investment is definitely worth it if you enjoy food but simply don’t have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen so you need appliances you can rely on.


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