Making time for Fitness

Making time for Fitness

About 1 month ago, I joined a weight-loss challenge hosted by a dear friend of mine. In the beginning, I focused on just trying to eat better. I renewed my subscription to Weight Watchers (WW) just in time to take advantage of a promo that included a free Weight Watchers Bluetooth Body Analysis Scale. I also signed up for a 14-day trial to Noom.

In 2016, I had managed to lose 20 lb using Weight Watchers so I knew that if I disciplined myself, it could work again. I was interested in trying another weight loss app to see how it would compare. Both programs focus on a building and maintaining a healthy lifestyle for a similar price point. Both also require daily tracking of food and promote regular exercise. Noom is newer so their inventory of food items aren’t as robust as Weight Watchers. They surpass WW on the coaching aspect though because their subscription includes a real online coach and group coach. Each day there are also informational lessons and quizzes that help you understand the scientific and psychological whys of weight gain (and loss) and how our environment and brain can conspire against us our efforts.

I realized early in the challenge that I needed to step my game up as my competition was killing me in the fitness arena. I mean, although I had a Fitbit Charge 2, and am excited when I make my 10k daily step goal, I didn’t do any form of regular exercise. It was time to get busy.

My friend kept posting YouTube exercise videos and the first one I tried was a 7 min ab workout video. I felt so accomplished. The next day I completed a 5k mile walking in my home. Now I am hooked. The convenience of being able to workout from home, at any hour of the day, is so ideal. Honestly, I’m unsure why I’d never looked up exercise videos previously.

In order to increase the variety of workouts, I needed to purchase some gear/equipment. I needed some weights and saw these weighted gloves on a video. I am thrilled with them. They are so much more convenient than traditional weights. I also purchased a weighted vest and a light resistance band to start out with. It is rather long but I’ll make it work for now. I had a yoga mat but with years of not using it, I have no idea where it is so I guess I’ll be ordering one from Amazon soon.

I’m very excited about my progress thus far. I feel stronger and more energized each day. I can actually jog lightly now without feeling chest pains. I have a ways to go but I’m optimistic I’ll get there.


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